Using The Blockchain To Build A Better Agency

     "Investing" is a term that many people have mixed feelings about. Some people consider it putting money into a 401K or ROTH IRA. Others will tell you that it means day trading on the stock market with highly advance computing software. And others still, will tell you that they can't even think about investing because they just don't have the money right now or the stock market is going to crash. Whatever you believe, investing in your business and your own education will always prove to be worthwhile if it can increase your productivity and give you a return that you would not have otherwise been able to realize. 

      The big thing with investing now is Bitcoin. You've heard of it right? The high-tech internet money that was created by a mysterious hacker. The value being extremely volatile and teenagers becoming millionaires by investing just $100 back a few years ago. Well, to clear up some of the clouds of confusion, Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that is built using the Blockchain. It is built using a Proof of Work protocol where miners are competing to solve an algorithm based on computational equations. Whichever mining computer that is able to discover the next 'block' in the 'chain' is rewarded with an amount of Bitcoin. It's a little nerdy...ok maybe a lot. Either way, it is changing the way the world looks at money and transferring value in a digital society. 

     Trend Ascend Media has realized this opportunity in Blockchain technology and has invested in Krios token. Krios has an interesting concept that will utilize the benefits of blockchain to connect graphic designers, ad managers, marketing agencies, and business owners to build campaigns across social media channels using one interconnected system. Today is last day of their ICO and will be the start of much awaited market speculation as their token expects to launch on a major exchange by the end of March 2018. 

     These are exciting times! Especially in regards to technology. Creating amazing marketing content will become more streamlined and accessible with platforms like Krios. Of course, only time will tell whether they are able to deliver a much needed solution for digital media marketing.

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