Marketing Tools To Help Your Business Thrive

Long gone are the days of traditional marketing. Advertising once consisted of late night informercials, newspaper ads, and the big, hairy... Billboard! Businesses would spend thousands of dollars and tremendous effort using a broad marketing strategy in the hopes that somebody that saw their name might want to buy their product. These methods have been replaced by what people are now calling the social media 'takeover'. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and probably many more. These sites are revolutionizing how people receive information. We are using our technology to tweet, like, post, share, and comment. Oh the times are changing!

Do you have a product or service that you'd like to sell? Rather than using the old-style of advertising, businesses are now taking a more targeted approach to whom their brand is exposed. Using social media is now a necessity of any business that wants to compete in today's economy. 

Here are several ways you can advertise your product or service online.

1. Facebook

Creating a Facebook fan page is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Use Facebook Ads to target specific audiences and run promotions that are designed to get people in the door. Engage with customers by commenting and liking, and be sure to post high-value content on a regular basis. My favorite source of information on all of these strategies is YouTube.

2. Instagram

The photo book of the internet! This platform is geared toward people and businesses who are good at taking awesome pictures. Beware the flood of selfies and foodies. Keep the pictures you post as professional as possible (no blur, no gang signs, no B.S). You are using this site as a way to visually represent your brand and engage with your audience. 

3. Twitter

Many people have made their reputation through this social media site. How many times have you heard of the President calling someone out on his Twitter. The concept is that you can 'tweet' your thoughts, and people can then re-tweet to join in the conversation.

4. Pinterest

A popular site among women, especially those that love to shop! This is a great platform for businesses that want to market their products in a way that gets people in the buying attitude. Many e-commerce businesses take advantage of this by producing great content and engaging with customers to show the benefits of their product.

This list is very short, but these are just some of the most popular ways that you can begin growing on social media. Be sure to join our mailing list to subscribe for trending news and the latest in media marketing.